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Tax Information

Treasurer Janine M. Baldwin
9999 Tompkins Rd.
Rives Junction, MI 49277
Phone: 517-569-2463
E-mail address:

Treasurer Office Hours
Mondays 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Taxes

Tax payments and questions
may be directed to the Treasurer.

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Please follow this link to pay by credit card.
Summer Property Tax Bills
Summer taxes are sent out by July 1 and are payable July 1 through Sept. 14 without penalty or interest. As stated on your summer tax bill "After Sept. 14, 1% interest added and 1% on the first of the month thereafter." This refers to any unpaid balances on your taxes. Payments are accepted on days and times office is open (check upper left corner- red printing of tax bill) by mail or by appointment.

Winter Property Tax Bills
Winter taxes are sent out by December 1 and are payable December 1 through February 28. Payments are accepted on days and times office is open (check upper left corner - red printing of tax bill) by mail or by appointment. If you have any unpaid summer taxes, it is noted in red on your winter tax bill. If you believe this is in error, please call the treasurer.

General Tax Information
  • If you have an escrow account and receive your tax bill, your mortgage company did not request it and a duplicate one was not mailed to them.  Forward yours to them in your next mortgage payment.
  • If you do not receive your current tax bill by July 15 or December 15, please call the Treasurer
  • Tompkins Township accepts partial payments of 20% of the original bill.  Unpaid balance is subject to any penalties or interest that may incur if not paid prior to September 14 or February 28.
  • To receive a stamped paid/signed receipt,  please mail entire tax bill and enclose a self addressed stamped envelope. When paying in person, bring the entire tax bill.
  • Checks are accepted only as a conditional payment.  If not honored by your bank, the tax will become unpaid on the date payment was originally made and is subject to penalties and interest.    In order to repay tax, payment including original tax amount and any penalties and interest must be paid by money order, cashiers check, or cash.
  • If last day for collecting taxes is on a weekend, taxes are due the following Monday.
  • Postmarks are no longer accepted.  You may still mail payments, but they must be delivered to the office by Sept. 14/Feb. 28 to be on time.
  • Office is not open weekends, or State, Federal or National Holidays.
  • Payments must be in the dropbox by 5:00pm on due date to be timely.
  • Please call if you have any questions or concerns relating to your taxes.
  • Failure to receive your tax bill is not cause for, nor does it waive interest and/or penalties.
Township Hall
(mailing address)
9999 Tompkins Rd,
Rives Junction, MI 49277
Tompkins Township
(mailing address)
9999 Tompkins Rd.
Rives Junction, MI 49277
John A. Tuttle, Supervisor
Phone: (517)569-3263
9555 Minard Rd. Parma, MI 49269

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